[PVP] King of the Hill

King of the Hill

This battle is a party based PVP event that will take place in Moebius.
The game will announce when it is time to register for this event.
You will find the King of the Hill Manager NPC in Juno.
Before you register you should already create your party.
Only the party leader can register.
When you register you can choose a unique name for your party.
This name will be displayed above the characters.

When the event almost starts you will be teleported to the Ice Side of Moebius.
You will spawn inside a closed space and when the event starts the door will open.
Your party has to run to the center part of the map where you will meet a door that
is protected by a Golem.
Once this golem is killed the door will open and the fun part begins.

Inside the doors at the center of the map a tower will spawn.
Your party needs to be the first to gain sympathy from this tower.
If you manage to gain the sympathy your team will need to defend the tower.
The other parties will be sent back to the room on the Ice side of the map.
The doors will close again and the other parties have to kill the golem again.
Once the doors open you need to defend the tower.
Its a little similar like DCS, but party based.
During the tower defense fase there are also Traps spawned.
These traps can be compared with the traps in the Monster Combo.

The time each party has defended the tower will decide who wins the battle.
Battle time is 30 minutes.

Reward: King of the Hill Winner Box
You will also get a Crown above your name.
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