[PVP] Juno Castle Siege

Juno Castle Siege

To register you need to visit the Juno Castle Siege Registration NPC in Juno.
This battle will be fought in a Randol from a different time.
There is no defending guild, the castle owner is reset before each battle.
There are 3 stages to this battle.

The first stage (Outside)
You will spawn on the lower right side of the map.
The doors to enter the town are closed and can only be opened by
killing the Golems that are in front of the gates.
You have 15 minutes to kill at least 1 Golem, if its not killed within this 15 minutes
the siege will end without a winner.
Once 1 of the Golems is killed and a gate is open, the next stage will start.

The second stage (Inside Battle)
This stage decides which 2 guilds will progress to the next stage.
Like the field battle in MCS you will receive points for killing players from other guilds
but also from killing Guards.
This stage will last 15 minutes and the 2 guilds with the most points will go to the next stage

The final stage (Tower Defense)
The 2 guilds each receive a tower close to the castle in the back of town.
The goal is to defend your own tower and simultaneous destroy the enemy tower.
For every enemy you kill your own tower will heal with 10 hp.
You can only use normal hits on the towers and you will deal 1 damage per hit.
The guild that manages to kill the enemy tower will win the battle.
If both towers are still alive after 30 minutes the war ends without a winner.

The winner will receive a Juno Castle Siege Winner Box
The other guild (or both in case of a draw) will receive the Juno Castle Siege 2nd Place Box

Castle Owner
The winner of the battle will be the Castle Owner until the next battle.
You will be able to retrieve a Title and a C2 Costume.
The guild name of the JCS Castle Owner is Blue.
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