[PVP] Aden Castle Siege

Aden Castle Siege

This siege is like other castle sieges guild based and runs in the map Aden as the name suggests.
To register for this siege you need to travel to the North gate of Aden Town where you find the NPC to register
your guild for the war.
The war is always at the same time, the castle owner is not able to change the start time.
For the next start date look on the website or click the Event Information button in the System Menu ingame.

The battle will be fought outside the north gate of Aden Town and inside the castle farther north.

The first stage (Field Battle) :
The doors in the gate to enter the castle ground are still closed.
There are 3 Spirit Keepers walking around that need to be killed in order to open the door.
During this Field Battle you can earn points for all attackers by killing the defending guild.
When the defending guild kills you, your guild will lose points.
The field battle points are important for the next stage, the more points you have
the easier it will be to get trough the second door.

The second stage (Inside the castle) :
The 3 Spirit Keepers are dead so the door to get inside the castle grounds opens.
Inside the castle you will find that there is another door, and a Gatekeeper Stone.
This Gatekeeper Stone needs to be destroyed to open the door.
The collected points from the field battle will lower the HP of the Gatekeeper Stone
There is a catch, the Gatekeeper Stone can not be attacked because it is locked.
To unlock it, 2 players need to go to the Locked Stone A and B and keep contact with
this stone. As long as these 2 (or more) players have contact with the stone the other players
can destroy the Gatekeeper Stone

The third stage (Main hall) :
In the main hall there is the Main tower that needs to be destroyed to open the doors
to the castle's basement. This part can take some time if there is a guild defending.
For each attacker that is killed by a defender the tower will heal 2 percent.
Be careful as this tower will have some nasty debuffs.
Once the tower is killed, the doors to the basement will open

The last stage (Take the flag)
In the basement the Guild Leader of a attacking guild can pickup the flag.
He needs to carry this flag outside of the castle to the Guild Flag Master NPC.
The first Guild Leader who gets their flag there wins the battle

The Castle Owner
The castle owner can request a title and a C2 costume from the Aden Castle Siege Registration NPC
The guild will receive a green guild name
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