[PVE] Level 185 Equipment

The level 185 equipment comes in 2 difficulties.

There is the normal Lv 185 Equipment and the Lv 185 Masterpiece Equipment.
The Masterpiece equipment is more difficult to get, but is also stronger than the normal equipment.
Both sets need to be farmed in Tarian Prison.

For the 185 Normal equipment :
At the NPC Tarian Dungeon Quests you will find the quest Are you worthy?
You need to finish this quest in order to enable the quests for the equipment.
Once it is done you can visit the 185 Weapon Npc and the 185 Armor Npc.
Here you will find quests that will tell you what to do to get the equipment.

For the 185 Masterpiece Equipment :
To obtain this equipment you have to complete the Prison Life Affinity.
Inside the affinity shop you will find boxes to receive the equipment.
The Weapon Box will give a random weapon.
The Armor Box is separate per class, but will also give a random armor part.
Click on the links to find out what you need to open the boxes.

The Prison Life affinity is also the source of the infamous Prison Scroll Lv1 Anti Haste
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