Main Server Features

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Start Level 100 with equipment, a Level 37 Horse mount and some buffs
Current max level : 185
Current highest level equipment : 185
100% Upgrade success rate
Max upgrade weapon +20 and armor +25
Skills are free and automatically learned
Automatic items while leveling :
- Level 133 you will receive a 133+15 weapon
- Level 150 you will receive a 147+15 armor set
- Level 160 you will receive a 157+15 weapon
First level cap can be reached with our custom quests
Free cash items are obtained with this level quest chain
Daily Newbie Pack with interesting cash items until level 165
Frozen Tundra daily exp/item event
Element system disabled
Souls are self buffs
Monster Ring system to fight bosses against a timer
Quest system improved
Completely transparant database trough the Database Website
Daily Hitlists that give you something different to kill every day
Factions are disabled (for now)
Custom Guild Icons, You can pick your own image
Warehouse updated to find your items quickly
Auto pickup and Auto Ignition system
PVP Statistics per player
Over 40 cool looking wings with amazing stats
Artifact location tracker
400 Inventory slots available directly
Fast item finder inside your inventory
Fast (and free) Job change Npc
Instant Jewel Fusion
Increased Petfairy slots
Bounty Hunter to place a bounty on someone's head
Bufflock to make sure you don't lose your buffs when you die
Many bosses that drop cash items
Reforms can be saved before you try to reform again
Title Covers allow you to create your own title to hide your real title
40 Merchant mode slots
Multibuffer allows you to buff all your buffs at once
Live adjustable PVP Balance for a quick response
Easy teleporting inside maps with our Magic Teleporter
Item Mall NPCs where you can pay with Cash
Online Points and Participation points
PVP Points (during PVP events)
PVP Achievements with rewards

Many higher content already waiting to be enabled!

Custom PVP Events:
- Aden Castle Siege
- Juno Castle Siege
- Capture the Flag
- King of the Hill
- Cursed Woods
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