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Invisible Dungeon - PVE Equipment - PVP Ring


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Oct 7, 2023
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New Dungeon : Invisible Dungeon
Global drops in Invisible Dungeon are Holy Water of Miractle, Green Lucky Pouch and [Reboot] Potions
New PVE Armor, to be obtained in Invisible Dungeon
New PVE Ring
PVP Ring added, can be dropped from the Drake boss in the maze of Aidia
Aden Castle towers/golems made easier to kill
Mob Hunter now shows the level of the monster, some have the same name but are different monsters
NightShadow PVE damage increased a little
Equipment now shows on the icon what type it is for rare options. B10 G9 etc
More monsters are added in Aidia on places where the mobcount was low
Amount of monsters in Mondshine for the leveling quests increased
Faction covers can now be worn since we will not be adding the Faction system
Cash Certificates now also come in 5k 10k 20k
Ex rogue and Arch mage Highest level titles added in Aden Special Items Merchant
Halloween Event Added