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The level 190 armor set can be obtained in the world Aidia.
You can go there by the Reboot Teleporter.
Teleporting to this world costs 50m gold.

To obtain the armor you need to collect certain materials.
Each armor part requires different materials.


All the normal materials will drop from the normal monsters troughout the map.
If you wish to know which monsters drop which material i recommend you to visit the database.

There is also a Certificate of Aidia Affinity required.
To get this you need to befriend this affinity.

To open the shop for this affinity you need 1.000.000 points.
You can see in the database which monsters and quests you can do to receive points.

The next item you need is the Divine Stone.
To get this item you need to collect 6 different SoulStones.
These SoulStones only drop from specific bosses.

Unholy SoulStone drops from [Boss] Bloody King
Fire SoulStone drops from [Boss] Genesis Warrior
Blessed SoulStone drops from [Boss] Lubble
Water SoulStone drops from [Boss] Metucellar
Magic SoulStone drops from [Boss] Traikan
Wind SoulStone drops from [Boss] Transform Clanicus

All SoulStones drop from [Boss] Dorpagen.
Be careful with Dorpagen, this boss has roleplay settings enabled.
This means you need a Tank char, some DPS chars and a Healer to kill it.The spawntime of all these bosses is 10 minutes.